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Only news is that the class had a two year (62nd) reunion in 2016 which would coincided with most everyones 80th birthday year.
Loretta Bruehahn-Funk-Culpepper was in charge of the planning, she can be reached at 307-684-7987 or .
Glad to see many of you there, wish more had been able to attend, best wishes to all and may you have many more years of Happiness.

If you have a message you would like to get to the class drop the webmaster the note and she will have it included it in this section.


If you haven't looked at all the pictures yet, please do so and if you find things that need correcting please email with the correction.


Minutes of The M-F-L CLASS OF 1954 60th reunion on Wednesday, October 1, 2014,

at the Old Rossville Store.

Committee members were: David Busse, Nancy Anderson and Bunny Fox. Eighteen class members and their spouses along with two teachers attended the gathering.

The festivities started at 11:00 and the meal served at 12:30. Two specials were offered at a cost between $10 and $15 with the gratuity added to each bill. Before the meal was served, there was some mingling and a gallery of pictures available as well as a Class History Book to view. After the meal there was discussion regarding the next reunion.

Loretta and Dan Culpepper accepted the responsibility of heading up the committee. Georgean Roffman said she would help with the preparations. Because of our senior status, it was decided to have the next reunion in two years rather than the usual five. It was suggested that the 2nd week in October would be a good time to have the reunion because we would be able to do a scenic trip to view the trees along the Mississippi River. Individual pictures were taken of the classmates as well as a group picture. Lorettas husband, Dan will display these along with other pertinent information on a web-site he has constructed for our class. The web-site address is

Respectfully submitted,
Loretta Funk-Culpepper
Secretary Pro-tem

Minutes of The M-F-L CLASS OF 1954 62nd reunion on Saturday August 6, 2016 at

MJ's Bar & Grill, 103 E. Center St., Monona, IA

The M-F-L CLASS OF 1954 held their 62nd reunion on Saturday August 6, 2016 at MJ's Bar and Grill in Monona. There were 22 present (13 classmates, 1 teacher and 8 spouses).

Social time for renewing friendships preceded the meal. We each ordered from the menu. Georgean read the table prayer. The food was very good. Terry Huckstadt furnished decorated cupcakes to celebrate everyone's 80 birthdays.

Loretta welcomed the group and thanked Georgean and Bunny for their help in organizing the affair. Georgean then read correspondence and minutes of our 60th reunion.

Loretta and her husband, Dan, volunteered to keep up the web site as class members contribute information.  Sadly, Dan passed away on January 24, 2019.  Loretta has a friend assisting with website updates, so please continue to send all pertinent information to her by mail or email so as to keep the website current. Most information received was by accident or having to search for it. It would be unfortunate to miss things that should be in our history book and/or on the website. The website address is The History Book is earmarked to be given to the Monona Museum.

Memorial book marks with the names of our deceased members was given out to attendees and names as well as the dates of their passing was read.

Each of the past reunions were reviewed as to the cost and the places they were held. We had an interesting time learning about past classmates and some of our teacher as well. Individual and group pictures were then taken.

No one wanted to be in charge of another class reunion so we bid a fond farewell.

Respectfully submitted,

Georgean Kluss Roffman

Secretary Pro-tem

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